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You are more than what you give to others.

Online Counsellor for Helpers & Healers
in Nova Scotia & British Columbia

Counselling for Helpers and Healers
Experiencing Chronic Stress & Burnout

You may have arrived here because you...

  • Feel disheartened and discouraged by a career you used to feel passionate about 

  • Question whether you're cut out for this role (of doctor, nurse, teacher, social worker, etc.) and you feel anxious when think about a lifetime working in the field 

  • Continue to show up 100% for work, but feel so depleted once you're home you have no energy for yourself or your loved ones 

  • Experience "Sunday Night Dread" every week 

  • Witnessed your colleagues burnout, and wonder if there is a way to have a sustainable career as a helping professional

If this resonates with you, you might be heading towards burnout. 

Read on to see if my therapy for helper and healer burnout prevention and recovery services might help you.


You may be feeling exhausted, like you're running on empty before the day even begins. 

Rather than slowing down, you feel the impulse to work harder and do more. People are relying on you after all, and who else will get things done if you don't?

... You might notice that you start to feel resentful when additional tasks are asked of you and it's harder to feel empathy for your clients. 

If this is you: you need a space where you can take a break from all your responsibilities, so that you can focus on your needs, wants, and values, reflect on the root cause of your burnout and how to recover from it. 

Burnout is not a requirement of being a helping professional. 

I help you, not only recover from burnout, but grow from the experience so that you can create a sustainable practice. 

In addition to offering you concrete tools and strategies for burnout recovery and burnout prevention, I also support you in exploring what led to you burning out. 

By understanding what beliefs, habits, and contexts created a situation where your needs were not met, I will help you create a relationship with your work that allows for balance and wellness

I'm passionate about supporting fellow helping professionals re-align with their values and create a career that not only serves others, but also serves themselves. 


I've been there!


Through my own experience with burnout, I realized how an unhealthy work environment, paired with my strong desire to prove myself and an inability to set boundaries lead to my mental and physical decline. Since recovering from burnout, I have continued working as a therapist, but with burnout prevention strategies that allow me to serve others without sacrificing my own well-being. 

Over the years, I've worked with doctors, nurses, social workers, support workers, teachers, veterinarians, and massage therapists, who've experienced chronic stress and burnout from the emotional weight of their work. I view helpers and healers as just as human and as worthy of support as the people they support. 

By infusing my clinical training, including specialized training in compassion fatigue, with my lived experiences, I'm able to hold your experience with burnout with compassion and care as you journey towards recovery.

Start your journey of healing & recovery

Book a free 20-minute video consultation to see if we'd be a good fit for therapy. 

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