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You've spent your life caring for others, making sure everyone else is okay, trying to please and gain approval. For the most part, you have succeeded, yet when you are alone you feel empty. You try to perfect your role as supporter or caregiver, but you continue to feel unfulfilled, anxious or depressed. When someone asks you what you are feeling, you are not sure how to answer, let alone what to do about it.
If you can relate to this experience, know that you are not alone. 
In our society, women are often expected to act as caregivers and are encouraged to put other's needs above their own. Women (particularly women of colour, trans-women, and queer women) are also often the target of sexualized violence and physical abuse. Given these harsh realities, women's emotional health is more important than ever. Yet, we often do not know how to take care of it, or where to turn for help. 

While I have experience working with all genders, I am particularly passionate about helping women to find and use their voices, empower themselves, and treat themselves with kindness and care. I believe that by increasing your ability for self-trust, you will be able to identify your needs, and start putting yourself first. Women have incredible strength and resilience which sometimes means we push through, rather than slow down and offer ourselves compassion. 

If you are looking to create a fulfilling life for yourself, feel more confident, and use the power that is already within you, I can help. 

Ready to start prioritizing yourself?

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