Amy Pinnell 

Registered Social Worker 

I am a Registered Social Worker with the BC College of Social Workers and have a Masters degree in Social Work from the University of Victoria. I specialize in the areas of substance use addiction counselling, anxiety counselling, and post-traumatic recovery and healing. I have also completed my 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training and have a passion for incorporating movement and breath-work into my practice, as I believe the body/mind/spirit connection is essential to healing and growth.

I have 5 years of counselling experience with Island Health in the areas of mental health and addiction. I currently work part-time as a Substance Use Counsellor with Island Health’s Addiction Outpatient Treatment team. While clients come into the program due to their issues with substance use and addiction, we also work through issues regarding anxiety, depression, trauma, relationships, spirituality and finding purpose and meaning in their lives. 


In addition to 1:1 counselling, I facilitate and develop both process and psycho-educational groups for folks in early recovery from substance use for the Addiction Outpatient Treatment Program. These groups include topics such as relapse prevention, emotional resilience, communication skills, boundaries & relationships. My favourite group to facilitate is the Trauma Addiction Skills and Knowledge group, which includes education on the connection between trauma and substance use, how trauma impacts the brain and nervous system, and skills such as grounding, containment, mindfulness, self-compassion, emotional and physical boundaries, and healthy responses to anger. 


In my private counselling practice, I support people with a variety of challenges including anxiety, trauma, relationships issues, and substance use issues. While I have experience working with all genders, I am particularly passionate about helping women to find and use their voices, empower themselves, and treat themselves with kindness and care. I believe that by increasing our ability for self-trust, we are able to identify our needs, and respond with compassion. 


I draw on my professional knowledge, as well as my own journey of personal growth and healing, to develop courses that provide skills and knowledge on how to cope with a number of emotional and relational challenges. These courses incorporate therapeutic skills & tools, art, writing, and movement for a holistic approach to wellness. 


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