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Therapy that helps Highly Sensitive Helpers and Healers find ease and joy in their lives through mindful inner work.

Wholistic Virtual Counselling
for Nova Scotia & British Columbia


Are you tired of ignoring your own needs, wants, and desires?

If so, you're in the right place. 

You may have been called an "over-achiever", "an old soul",

"mature for your age", or a "perfectionist" as you worked hard

to maintain a sense of stability, safety, and predictability in your life.

You learned to care for the needs of others at the expense of your own,

because this was the best way to survive,

or you were lead to believe that your needs did not matter. 

But you're starting to notice that there is a cost

to ignoring your own feelings, and needs.


Perhaps, you feel resentment towards others for not giving you the care you give to them.

Maybe you feel a sense of emptiness or simply lost.

If you're ready to get curious about your inner world and

to start focusing your energy on your own well-being and healing,

I can help. 


Hi! I'm Amy! 


As a Highly Sensitive Person who has struggled with codependency and burnout, I recognize the courage it takes to reach out for help. 

I work along side people in their time of need to help them become better able to withstand the curve balls that life throws at them, and build a greater sense of self-love and compassion. 

"Do I really need therapy?"

This may come as a surprise, but...

you don't need to be in crisis to access counselling!  

Starting counselling is a courageous act of self-care and can facilitate personal growth. It can be helpful during times of uncertainty, change, loss or even times of stagnation.


I believe that we all have the innate capacity to grow, change and become our best selves. I can help you in the process, but you already have this innate ability. 

Counselling Services

Virtual counselling services for Nova Scotia and British Columbia.


Being Highly Sensitive doesn't have to be so hard!

Counselling can help you find ways to honour your sensitive needs, so that your strengths shine through. 

Compassion fatigue and burnout are real hazards of any helping profession, but you don't have to navigate them alone. Counselling can support you in burnout recovery & prevention so that you can create a career that is sustainable for you.


Do you feel ready to start taking care of YOU? Counselling can help you build and set boundaries, practice self-care and develop self-compassion skills that enhance your relationship with yourself and others. 


Fear doesn't have to run your life. Counselling can help you build self-trust so that you can feel confident in your decisions and your ability to cope with life's hardships. 

Start your journey of mindful self-discovery and healing

Please fill out the contact form below if you have any questions about my practice or counselling with me. 

OR Book your free 20-minute video consultation.

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